CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Down The Rabbit Hole 2017 Anthology

Creative Talents Unleashed

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication of Down The Rabbit Hole.

Down The Rabbit Hole Contributors:

D.B. Hall – Time, Rainbow Slide,Unrestrained Dreams

Ann Christine Tabaka – All Smiles – (Cheshire)

Susan E. Birch – Cabbages and Kings, I Am Woman, You Are Mad Dear Grandma

Tracy Seiden – Drink Me, Dorothy’s Discovery

Amrita Valan – A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 1, A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 2

Christa Frazee – Unchained Alice, Home Sweet Home

Maggie Mae – Ruby Slippers, Wonderland

Jaqui Slade – Mad Hearted Crazy, Dorothy

Kelly Klein – The Wizard of Od

Tammy S. Thomas – Winky Willy World, My Blue Shoes, Larry and the Fly

Shawn Chang – A Cat’s Early Morning Walk

Justin R. Hart – A Wish in the Wings, Autumn’s Ascending Spring

Ariana V. Cherry – The Circus, Chasing Rainbows…

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