My Concern – Author Christopher Allen Breidinger

Creative Talents Unleashed

What is with this life

That I can never get it right?

I’ve only got one try

And I’ve blown it out of sight.

Is it the hand I’ve been dealt?

Or the faith that makes me blind?

Is it something I never learned?

A failed connection in my mind?

The sand is getting low

In the hourglass of my time.

Still I’ve no direction

Or an inkling where to find

Answers to these questions

Posing in my mind.

My compass is yet broken.

So I continue to climb.

And I blaze this torch,

Sifting through the lies.

Seeking my enlightenment.

Escape from my disguise.

Pushing ever onward

Through the muck and mire

Until the final answer

Extinguishes the fire.

How can I stop?

Where am I to turn?

 Is there any answers

To the questions that I burn?

My fire’s ever raging.

This is my concern.

My soul…

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