Author Christopher Allen Breidinger Celebrates His 5th Book Release.

My 5th book is almost here!

Creative Talents Unleashed

Christopher Poet Christopher

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of Poet Christopher’s 5th book release, The Church of Poetry.

Poet, Christopher Breidinger, with courage and honesty, has crafted a book of poetry that calls attention to the geopolitical climate that is permeating and threatening true democracy. It screams out to the reader, that the line between man-made dogma of religiosity and politics has been crossed, rendering everyone hostage to dangerous ideologies.

This is a very thoughtful collection of poems, urging the reader to examine what is really happening in today’s world.  He desires a world of authenticity with love and compassion for all persons, without judgment, rhetoric, devoid of blasphemous lies which have further marginalized human beings, not deemed the elite.  His words delineate what many secretly think and feel. His words awaken us to these profound truths. The Church of Poetry

The author abandoned religiosity long…

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